SVH Safety Relief Valve


Working temperature: Max. 110 °C
Thread standard: G – female thread
Material, valve body: Brass EN 12165 CW617N
Other data: Approval 0.25 and 0.30 MPa is TÜV tested, test report no. 624
Material, sealing: EPDM


is a high-lifting and soft-sealing safety valve for systems with only thermal expansion, and from inlet dimension ¾” and greater, also for boiler systems over 50 kW, max 2 MW, max 100°C. The valve must not be used for steam.
The safety valve fits upright or horizontally, i.e. with the valve knob facing up or straight to the side. In the case of horizontal installation, the outlet must be positioned so that water skin cannot form. The connection thread is sealed in the usual way.

Inlet and outlet lines are implemented according to instructions in VVA 93.
The safety valve is maintenance-free, but the opening function must be checked 2 – 3 times a year.

Turn the plastic knob counterclockwise by hand until the valve starts to allow water through. Hold in position and allow the water to flush through for a short time. Then continue the torque until the valve closes.

The safety valve may open after a major drain from the water heater. This is a normal function as the water heater’s cut-off pressure can be reached due to the increasing volume of the water during heating.

Article no.Dim.Opening pressureDischarge capacityA mmB mmC mmWeight (kg)
55118½" x ¾"0.1 MPa47.5 kW753424.50.1
55136¾" x 1"0.1 MPa59.2 kW86.537340.1
551381" x 1¼"0.1 MPa153.7 kW18955400.1
551871¼" x 1½"0.1 MPa201.8 kW20460430.1
55119½" x ¾"0.15 MPa60.8 kW753424.50.2
55137¾" x 1"0.15 MPa75.7 kW86.537342.5
551341" x 1¼"0.15 MPa196.6 kW18955400.6
551881¼" x 1½"0.15 MPa258.0 kW20460430.1
55120½" x ¾"0.25 MPa84.2 kW753424.50.2
55122¾" x 1"0.25 MPa104.9 kW86.537340.3
551311" x 1¼"0.25 MPa272.5 kW18955400.7
551921¼" x 1½"0.25 MPa357.6 kW20460430.1
55121½" x ¾"0.3 MPa95.6 kW753424.50.2
55123¾" x 1"0.3 MPa119.1 kW86.537340.3
551331" x 1¼"0.3 MPa309.2 kW18955400.7
551931¼" x 1½"0.3 MPa350 kW20460430.1