Ống Lấy Mẫu – Tubetrace with MI-MIQ


Tubetrace with MI – for freeze protection / temperature maintenance to 500°C



Manufacturer: Thermon


Tubetrace with MI
Tubing Bundles
TubeTrace, with series resistance MI heat tracing, is designed to maintain high temperatures or provide freeze protection where high temperature exposure is possible. MIQ withstands temperature exposures of 1,100°F (593°C).
The seamless Alloy 825 sheath and construction of the heating element make MIQ an exceptionally durable heat tracing option. This has made MIQ the industry standard for high temperature heat tracing applications, and it is available in TubeTrace pre-insulated instrument tubing bundles.
Freeze Protection or Process Temperature Maintenance Range: 5°C to 500°C