Pneumatic positioners EPL/EPR

Pneumatic positioners EPL/EPR

Robust control devices that provide dependability in difficult environments. EPL and EPR series are the rugged control devices which stand up to harsh environments and engineered to meet the highest and most demanding control performance that the process industries of today require. environments.

Pneumatic positioners EPL/EPR
Pneumatic positioners EPL/EPR

Manufacturer: Clorius Controls

• Easy maintenance
• Precise calibration with simple SPAN and ZERO adjustments
• Simple conversion to direct acting or reverse acting
• ½ split range available
• Rugged aluminium housing with corrosion-resistant coating
• Vibration resistant design
• Stainless steel gauges standard
• Restricted pilot valve orifice kit for small actuators included
Options available
• Position transmitter (4-20 mA output signal)
• Two limit switches (open and close) – only for EPR
• Certificate for ATEX Eex md IIB T5 (05 ATEX 1076X) by NEMKO in conformance with EN 50014:1997, EN 50018:2000 and EN 50028:1987
• Certificate for EMC (K1046 / E04) in conformance with EN 61000-6-2:2001 and EN 61000-6-4:2001 by RWTUV
• Certificate for Ex md IIB T6 (99-1075-Q1), Ex md IIC T6 (2000-1057-Q1) and Ex ia IIB T6 (2000-1056-Q1) by KOSHA

EPL (Linear Type)

EPR (Rotary Type)

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