Sensor with Pt100

Sensor with Pt100

Sensor with Pt100

• Resistance sensor Pt 100 Ω/0°C.
• Standardized design according to
DIN 43765.
• Robust and reliable sensor for use
in gaseous and liquid media, e.g. air,
steam, gas, water or oil.
• For medium temperature up to 400°C.
• For pressures up to 50 bar.
• Internationally recognized for marine

Sensor with Pt100
Sensor with Pt100

Manufacturer: Clorius Controls


Applications The temperature sensors are used for registration of temperatures in tubes, tanks and ducts. The output signal of the sensor is used as reference for our ER regulators. Type FF 12-2 / 4-20 mA is equipped with a built-in 2-wire transmitter with 4-20 mA output signals. The sensor is used in conjunction with controller type ER 3000 (see datasheet 4.6.05). Due to small installation dimensions and internationally widespread measuring element the sensor is especially fi tted for marine purposes, just as the applications on land are innumerable.
The sensor consists of a pocket, a connection head and a measuring insert. The pocket is constructed of acid proof steel and can stand temperature/pressure as stated in the diagram. The connection head is made of lightalloy metal and complies with IP 65. The measuring insert contains one or two measuring windings and may be fi xed or exchangeable. The supply lines of the measuring insert are insulated from each other and from the insert tube with a ceramic insulator. Exchangeable measuring insert is mounted in the connection head by means of two spring loaded screws. This means that the measuring insert is always pressed towards the bottom of the pocket, and vibrations from the surroundings will not be transferred to the measuring insert, just like different heat evolutions of pocket and measuring insert are adjusted. Our standard types are shown in the below diagram.

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