Calorifiers – VC & HC

Calorifiers – VC & HC

Calorifiers - VC & HC
Calorifiers – VC & HC

Electric Calorifiers
Caloritech™types VC and HC electric calorifiers are essentially hot water storage tanks fitted with one or more flange heaters and a prewired control panel. Simply connect the water and power lines and the system is ready to perform. The tanks are insulated and enclosed with a painted sheet steel housing. Types VC have vertical vessels and types HC horizontal vessels.
Vessels are designed and constructed to ASME code requirements. Code stamping and registration is available
on request. Three choices of inner shell materials cover most application requirements.
All units are equipped with a pressure relief valve. A thermometer is located at the top of the vessel near the outlet to provide a quick check on water temperature. Standard equipment also includes an inlet water diffuser, a temperature control thermostat, a high limit thermostat and a pressure gauge.

A 3” inspection opening is standard. Manholes are optional.
kW Ratings
All heaters feature incoloy® sheathed heating elements. The number and kW rating of the flanged heaters installed
in the calorifier are determined from its intended use. Detailed guidelines on optimum sizing of tanks and heaters are covered in ASHRAE handbooks. Some local utilities will also provide assistance on request.

Figures 1 to 4 below represent typical curves which have been devised to assist in sizing. For example, if the storage tank capacity was set at 100 U.S. gallons and the office had a staff of 100, or 1 gallon per person, the required power input from Figure 1 would be 0.35kW/ person x 100 persons = 35 kW.

Type VCF and HCF – The VCF and HCF calorifiers have an uncoated steel shell best suited to non-potable water heating.
Type VCC and HCC -The VCC and HCC calorifiers have a sprayed copper inner shell for use in applications where
high purity water is required.
Type VCG and HCG -The VCG and HCG calorifiers have a galvanized steel inner shell and are best suited for hard water storage.

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