158 – Fenwal Snap-Disc Control Panel

158 – Fenwal Snap-Disc Control Panel

158 Fenwal snap thermon
158 Fenwal snap thermon

158-Feanwal snap – The Caloritech™ Fenwal Snap-Disc Control Panel Thermostat is designed specifically to control low wattage SS or SD type Caloritech™ strip heaters, which are commonly used to heat control panels to prevent build-up of damaging internal moisture in low temperatures.


  • Designed for control of type SS or SD strip heaters
  • Commonly used to control strip heaters in enclosures to prevent moisture build up
  • Available with (002) or without (001) mounting bracket


Precision Snap-Disc Thermostats
High quality snap-disc thermostats are custom made
in quantities of 200 pieces and up, primarily for original
equipment manufacturers. Typically, snap-discs are used
as high limits. Contact factory for design assistance.

158 fenwal snap
158 fenwal snap
158 fenwal snap


Detect-a-Fire® Units
These highly reliable detection and release devices
have been a standard of the industry for over 45 years;
controlling the release of fire suppression agents such
as CO2
, water, or dry chemicals. In some systems the
device is used as an alarm to sense overheat or fire and
alert personnel. In other systems, it is used to sense fire
and actuate fire attack systems. Detect-a-Fire® units are
designed with rate compensation. Only the Detect-a-Fire®
unit accurately senses the surrounding air temperature
as well as fire growth rate. At precisely the predetermined
danger point, the system is activated.

158 fenwal snap
158 fenwal snap


Horizontal detectors (Figures 3 & 4) are designed for
locations where appearance is a factor. Horizontal
detectors are suitable for non-hazardous locations. Flush
mounted units (Figure 3) are designed to mount onto
standard 4” (102 mm) octagonal electrical boxes. Vertical
detectors (Figures 5 & 6) can be operated in hazardous
locations provided they are terminated in an approved
fitting. Models are available for all hazardous locations.