LK 514 MultiSafe

LK 514 MultiSafe

LK 514 MultiSafe Working temperature: Min. -15 °C/Max. 90 °C (120 °C briefly) Thread standard: G – male thread Material, valve body: DZR Brass EN 12165 CW625N Material, sealing: EPDM Approvals: LK 514 MultiSafe is a high lift, soft sealing safety relief valve for tap water installations as well as heating, recycling and cooling systems with thermal expansion only. The valve must not be used for steam. The outlet is fitted with compression fitting for simple installation of a discharge pipe. The safety relief valve can be installed horizontally or vertically, i.e. with the valve knob facing outwards or upwards. In horizontal installations, the outlet must be positioned so that water pockets cannot be formed. The male thread is designed for the LK Armatur system with O-ring seal where the valve is first tightened by hand until stop and then with a spanner, 0.5-1.5 turns until the desired position is achieved. If the valve is fitted to other components than an LKA valve, the thread has to be sealed in the usual manner. The safety relief valve requires no maintenance but the opening function should be checked 2-3 times per year according to the following: Turn the knob counter-clockwise ¼ turn until a faint “click” is heard. Let the water flush through briefly, then turn another ¼ turn until a stronger “click” is heard and the valve closes. This two-step opening function makes it possible to use the safety valve discharge pipe to drain e.g. a water heater. It is normal for the safety relief valve to open and let out some water when the pressure level of the system is reached due to the water’s increasing volume during heating.

Article no.Dim.Opening pressureDischarge capacityWeight (kg)
90109M ½" x 15 mm0.15 MPa31 l/min.*0.1
90108M ½" x 15 mm0.2 MPa35 l/min.*0.1
90110M ½" x 15 mm0.25 MPa50 l/min.*0.1
90111M ½" x 15 mm0.3 MPa81 l/min.*0.1
90112M ½" x 15 mm0.4 MPa96 l/min.*0.1
90113M ½" x 15 mm0.6 MPa118 l/min.*0.1
90114M ½" x 15 mm0.7 MPa104 l/min.*0.1
90115M ½" x 15 mm0.9 MPa122 l/min.*0.1
90116M ½" x 15 mm1.0 MPa148 l/min.*0.1

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