Chuyền Động Khí Nén S

Chuyền Động Khí Nén S

Chuyền Động Khí Nén S

Pneumatic actuators Series S Pneumatic actuators S
Pneumatic actuators for actuating and control of globe, piston and diaphragm valves.

Chuyền Động Khí Nén S
Chuyền Động Khí Nén S

Manufacturer: Clorius Controls


• Linear characteristic.
• Multispring diaphragm actuator.
• Compact design with low weight.
• Diaphragm with vulcanised terylene
support secures a long and safe lifetime.
The pneumatic actuator is powerful with
a high control speed compared to electric
The linear actuator has a simple and
light design with a minimum of moving
parts. The pneumatic actuator are also
low maintenance due to the simple design
and the few moving parts.
The linear actuator is ideal for on/off and
control functions of globe valves.
The spring loaded actuator offers the possibility
for a fail-safe function, the safety
installation is low cost compared to example
battery backup.
The pneumatic actuator can be used in
Eex areas, without extraordinary encapsulation
or other precautions. Technical Data
– Body Polyester coated
– Stem Stainless steel
– Tie rods Stainless steel
AISI 316
– Mounting plate Polyester coated
– O-rings NBR (Nitrile rubber)
– Diaphragm Neoprene rubber
w/terylene support
– Springs Galvanized steel
Air quality Dry and filtrated air,
non aggressive
Air supply Max. 6 bar
Air supply connect. 1/8˝ RG Female
Temperature -25°C to +115°C
Acting mode:
– Type SC: Spring close / Air open(NC)
– Type SO: Spring open / Air close (NO)
Subject to changes without notice.


Compact pneumatic actuator with rolling
diaphragm and multiple internal compression
springs for operating Clorius valves.
Reinforced rolling diaphragm guarantees
long lifetime and reliable, safe operation.
Maintenance or change of operating
method does not require any speciel
Pneumatic actuator for actuating and
control of Clorius valves in various environments.
Relevant datasheets for accessories to
the S actuators:
– Positioners 6.6.01, 6.6.02
– Filter regulators 6.8.01
– Controller ER2000 4.6.01
– Sensor PT100 4.7.01
– Pneumatic controller S80 6.7.01
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