LK 830 ThermoMix® B

LK 830 ThermoMix B

LK 830 ThermoMix® B
LK 830 ThermoMix® B

LK 830 ThermoMix® B 4-way bivalent mixing valves are designed for heating systems, where energy is taken from two heating units connected in series or parallel or for storage tank systems where energy is extracted from two levels.

LK 830 ThermoMix® B should be equipped with an automatic control unit to ensure that the most favourable heat source is prioritised at all times.
The valve can be mounted at any angle. Valve ports are marked 1-4. In the standard version the valve can be mounted according to 1=Supply, 2=Secondary heat, 3=Primary heat and 4=Return.

LK 830 ThermoMix® B can be adapted for right- or left-hand installation.

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