Pipe Adaptor 5243G

Pipe Adaptor 5243G

Pipe Adaptor 5243G

Max. working pressure: See table below
Thread standard: R – male thread
Other data: Koppar Cu motsvarande DIN 1787, ISO 1337

Pipe adaptor for heating and cooling systems, domestic water, steam, condensate, air, oil and gas.
Datasheet Variants

5243G – Female / Male Thread, Conical

Manufacturing and quality control in accordance with DIN 2856 chapters 10 and 11.
The dimensions used in the sketch are for illustration only and not part of the specification.

Article no.Dim.A mmZ mmWeight (kg)
200853612 x ½"21120.02
200854618 x ¾"27140.03
200854822 x ½"29130.03
200855022 x ¾"36200.06
200855222 x 1"29130.06
200855428 x ¾"34150.08

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