LK 519 ThermoSafe

LK 519
LK 519

LK 519

Opening temperature: 97±2 °C
Working temperature: Min. 5 °C/Max. 110 °C
Max. working pressure: 1.0 MPa (10 bar)
Thread standard: Rp – female thread, G – male thread
Material, valve body: Brass EN 12165 CW617N
Other data: Max. discharge capacity: 6,5 m³/h at 0,6 MPa (6 bar)
Material, spring: Stainless steel
Material, capillary pipe: Copper, length 1300 mm, with insulation
Material, sealing: Viton

LK 519

ThermoSafe is a thermal safety valve for solid fuel boilers with built-in water heaters or cooling coils. The safety valve prevents the temperature of the ­boiler water from rising above the boiling point. When temperature levels are too high the valve opens to let cold water flow through water heater or cooling coil, thus ­reducing the temperature of the boiler. LK 519 ­ThermoSafe has two, separately functioning, temperature sensors for added safety.
LK 519 ThermoSafe safety valve is installed on the outlet pipe of water heaters. The inlet pipe is ­recommended for cooling coils as such an installation would protect the armature from impurities caused by lime scale and other deposits. The arrow on the valve housing indicates the ­direction of the flow. The sensor pocket is screwed into the designated connection on the boiler. It is easier to install if the sensors are first removed from the pocket.

Article no.Dim.A mmB mmC mmD mmWeight (kg)
91777F ¾" / M ½"13741601420.7