Themix valve LK-820-lk-821-lk-822-lk823


LK 820 ThermoVar® Product image (LKA)

LK 820 ThermoVar®

LK 821 ThermoVar® Product image (LKA)

LK 821 ThermoVar®

LK 823 ThermoVar® Product image (LKA)

LK 823 ThermoVar®

LK 822 ThermoBac Product image (LKA)


LK 820 ThermoVar® is a 3-way thermic loading valve for solid fuel/storage tank installations. The valve is intended to ensure both an optimal temperature stratification in the storage tank and a high return temperature to the boiler, thus incresasing the efficiency of the system. Tarring and condensation are prevented which prolongs boiler life.

LK 820 can be equipped with an insulation – see under ­Accessories. For more information, please see the product sheet for insulations.

The valve can be mounted at any angle. LK 820 ThermoVar® can easily be adapted for right- or left-hand mounting. The valve can be installed in three different positions.

In the standard version the valve is intended for installation in position II. It can easily be adapted for installation in position I. For delivery of valves intended for installation in position III, please contact our Sales Department.